Friday, April 12, 2013

Why is Las Vegas Known as Sin City?

Las Vegas is known by many names some call it "lost wages", others call it "glitter gulch", I have also heard it called the "city of lights" but it probably is best known an "sin city". So what gives, why call it this. Well if you have spent any time in Las Vegas then you can understand why it has this nickname.

There are at least 30 adult oriented clubs in Las Vegas. This does not include adult bookstores or massages parlors this is businesses such as strips clubs, gentlemen's clubs and adult orientated social clubs. There are also many escort services and don't forget that this desert city was built on gambling, booze and beautiful women.

I have been in Las Vegas for 25 years now and I see it over and over again as soon as visitors arrive here they want to drink alcohol, gamble and get wild. People do things here that they would never ever think of back in their hometown. They act sinfully and for the most part it is okay as long as they do not hurt anyone. This town exist because people want to be sinful for a few days however that does not mean you can do whatever you wish we do have laws here.

In Las Vegas casinos and bars are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week not just on the famous Las Vegas Strip but all over the Las Vegas Valley. I live pretty far from the Las Vegas Strip way in the northwest part of the Vegas Valley and the local bars in my area are 24/7 also and yes they do good business even at 2 in the morning.

In Las Vegas the city is still alive and thriving after 11 pm. Many people here work in the tourism industry which means working swing and graveyard shifts so this town keeps busy around the clock. Anyway, back to the sin city nickname, working in this town as a stripper, cocktail server, showgirl or bartender can be very profitable and it all because people come here to drink, eat more than they should, gamble and either view or meet attractive women.

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